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Business Advice

  • Wouldn't it be nice when you are starting or running a business to have someone you could contact and ask what they did in that situation with their business and how it worked out? That's exactly what I am here for, to give you some perspective on what could happen based on my experience over 40+ years of building companies.

  • I will give you my opinions based on my real business world experiences that will help you make the correct decision.  

  •  I would like for you to benefit from my successes but probably most of all from the mistakes I have made over 40+ years! You learn more from failures than successes.

  • I started this service because I know from experience there are times when you need a valid opinion about what to do, which option to take, from someone who has been there before.





I started my 1st company when I was 26. I am now 66. In that 40 years I have generated $700 Million in sales from  companies I have owned and I have probably run into every problem you will have in your business. 

Wouldn't you like to have that experience helping you build and grow your company?

Areas where you might have some questions....



  • When you start a company you will have a lot of questions on details and budgets.
  • Should I even start it? Where do I start?


  • How do I manage my cash flow to stay in business?
  • Can I  show a profit and still go out of business?
  • Do I need to find financing for growth ?
  • What type of financing do I need?


  • Should I hire this person even if I don't need them right now?
  • Is someone inside my company causing my company problems?
  • Do I have people within key spots that genuinely care about the success of the company?


  • How do I manage by the numbers and what should they be?
  • How do I set up financial monitoring systems to stay on track?
  • How do I set up quality control systems?
  • What do I need from management to insure quality control?


  • I have a successful operation, should I open up more?
  • Is my business scalable?
  • How do I make that leap to grow my company?
  • Should I borrow Funds to Grow?
  • What type of Loan is best for me ?

Legal and Accounting

  • I have dealt with hundreds of lawyers and accountants over my 40+ years in starting companies and I know when you need them and when you don't. 
  • I'm not an attorney or an accountant but If I see that you need anything in any of those areas I will let you know and recommend the type of attorney or accountant you may need.

Consider more of a Mentor than a Consultant!


  • If you are looking for a conventional consultant, that's not me. 
  • My Email System is designed to get right down to business and address the issue and get it resolved in the least amount of time. No meetings or appointments that take up a lot of your time.
  • You should know the advice you get from me is based on real experiences I have had in the real business world starting and running my own companies for 40+ years.
  • I have had companies succeed and fail and I have learned more from the failures.
  • I give you options of what you might do based on my experiences.
  •  I have had companies with 10 people who worked for it and companies that had 1200 people working for it. Business is business and they all have the same issues. 
  • My main mission is to help you become and stay successful and avoid mistakes that I may have already made during my 40+ years of starting and running companies. 
  • Using my email system you can reach me 24/7.
  • Have a question? Send me an Email.
  • It's just that Simple!


Why ?

Starting a Company can be exhilarating but it can also be lonely and  scary. Having an Entrepreneur Consultant standing by with answers will make it easier for you.

  • My philosophy when starting my companies was developed by reading the book  "With no Fear of Failure"  By Tom Fatjo
  • I would recommend trying to find it! 
  • If my advice, opinion or suggestion prevents just 1 wrong decision it would be worth the investment in my service.
  • Experience and Convenience!
  • By Joining my Entrepreneurs Club @ $49.00 you get unlimited email access to me 24/7 for a (1) full month.
  • No long term contracts, Month to Month Service. Renew each Month as you need it! 
  • You're saying " how can he make money at that price" ? Simple, I know most of the answers to the questions you'll ask so I just respond with my opinion via email based on my experiences.
  • I would rather have 1000 clients @ $49.00 mo. using my email system than 100 clients @ $4900.00 mo. using the conventional meet and greet method ( time is money for you ).
  • Have a question, send an email.
  • Get a response from me in 8-12 hours.
  • It's just that simple.
  • So if you own a business or are thinking of opening one, Sign up and have someone who has been there by your side 24/7 !

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